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Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp  The Fair

Base Camp

Base Camp is the main area as you enter into the venue, for the whole family to enjoy!

As soon as you arrive at our Helter Skelter you know your kids are going to have the best time with Nickelodeon! There’s a range of games to keep the family entertained whilst your little ones begin their adventure straight away in our PAW Patrol soft play area!

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Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Slime
Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Base Camp Studios Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Base Camp Studios

A place where kids 7-14-years-old rule and their favourite shows come to life!

Transformation Zone

The Z-Force needs you! Kira Kosarin is dialing into The Thundermans School for Superheroes to set you the ultimate super hero challenge – to gain a super power and entry into the elite hero league, also known as the Z-Force!  You’ll need to think fast and work together!

Henry Danger Man Cave

This next challenge will push your Z-Force status to the limit – The Henry Danger Man Cave!  This cave is full of twists and turns, puzzles and passages – your challenge is get through the cave unscathed or face transportation to another dimension!  Jace Norman will be on screen to give you the low down, and tips on getting through!

Hunter Street

Can you unlock the mysteries of Hunter Street? As soon as the door locks – the countdown begins! Work together to solve the clues and see if your team can unlock our escape room, and escape from Hunter Street!

Nick Studios

It’s your turn to be the star of the show and step in front of the camera here at the Nick Studios!  Benjamin Flores Jr, star of Game Shakers will talk you through how his journey to stardom began, and then it’s over to you – as you get to star in your very own Nickelodeon Video!  Lights, Camera, Action!

Slime Zone

It’s time for SLIME!  Over the years, Nickelodeon has slimed some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, from Justin Bieber and Will Smith, to David Beckham and Sir Andy Murray!  Watch as we take you on the journey of SLIME before turning the SLIME on you!

Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Slime
Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Slime
Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Bikini Bottom Beach

Bikini Bottom Beach

Bikini Bottom Beach is all about fun and play! Kids can get creative in the craft area, before hopping on the Bouncy Castle. When they’ve finished exploring the Ball Pool, there’s plenty of time to relax with non-stop entertainment on our mainstage!  There’ll be endless games for small (and big!) kids, and the chance to meet the SpongeBob SquarePants and PAW Patrol costume character!  That all sounds like hungry work!  So, sit back and enjoy the range of food options here at Bikini Bottom Beach.


Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Slime
Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Food & Drink

The Krusty Krab

With a great selection of hot & cold food and your favourite soft drinks, you can see why The Krusty Krab is SpongeBob’s No. 1 choice!

Turtle Pizza

Nothing says Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like a good pizza! Let Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo or Raphael help you choose one of their own recipes or create your own!

Nickelodeon: Big Base Camp Slime