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4-13th April 2020, Magazine Venue, North Greenwich, London


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Remember ONLY 7-14-year-olds (recommended age) can take part in the Camp Studios Experience – This is a parent-free zone! We recommend kids buddy up for this as it will take 1.5 hours to make their way around the 5 immersive zones. Whilst they become the stars of the show, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the family areas – Bikini Bottom Beach and Base Camp.

Be quick, slots are sold out already!


Buy group packages

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Group Package: 1 x FREE adult + 3 x Experience tickets = £88.50

Family Package: 1 x FREE adult + 2 x Experience tickets + 1 x Junior ticket = £74

Base Camp Package: 1 x FREE adult + 1 x adult + 2 Experience tickets + 1 x Junior ticket = £89


Quiet Slots

Wednesday 8th and Sunday 12th 8.30am.

A quieter experience, designed for anyone who would prefer to avoid loud noises, bright lights, and busy spaces.
We’ll tone down the lights, lower the sound levels and reduce the overall capacity to allow for a calmer experience.
Plus, adults are welcome to accompany their children throughout the Base Camp Experience for additional comfort.
For more detail please contact